Tuesday, December 22, 2009

And on the 9th posting of Christmas...

Okay well not really the ninth but you get the point, MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone!!! I haven't been working on the other story board as of late as I have been busy working on the new site and wrapping gifts; but I am hoping to get back into it after the holidays.

Let me know what you think!


Monday, December 21, 2009


Finally, here it is... The 9th drawing to a 9-part story board I finished a few weeks ago.
Tomorrow I will upload the story board in it's entirety. Things are getting creeeepier!!
I am still working on the 2nd story board and I hope to wrap that up sometime after the holidays. I really like the direction that I am taking this story and it's fun to dig through some old drawings and use them. Plus, I get to share them with you!!
In other news, the new site is moving along and I believe we are on schedule to go live in early to mid Jan.
Stay tuned for more!
Enjoy the day!!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Story, -Part 8

Okay, here is Part- 8! Look back to the First drawing if you are having trouble figuring out what is going on. Or you could wait until the entire drawing is uploaded.
I am planning on the unveiling for Tuesday! Be sure to check it out and let me know what you think.
I am also working on the next Story board. And things are looking like it's going to get creepier!
I hope you are enjoying my art as it unfolds.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Story, Part-7

For those of you who have been following my blog, you are aware of the 9 part series I have created and finished as of late. I have been uploading a new peice of the story for about 2 weeks now and I will be uploading the completed story board before Christmas as a gift to all of you!
Here is Part-7.
In other news, the new site is coming along nicely and I can't wait to go live with it! I am hoping to have it finished by mid Jan.
I will keep you updated on that. For those of you who are visually aware, I have changed my title image and added a new moon.
This will also be the style of the new site!!! :)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Story, Part-6

Eenie, meenie, mine, moe,

I don't know where to go.

One things for certain,

I can only choose one.

I roll the die,
As I end up with a sum,

Yet, still I can't decide.

I count my toes,

And pull out my hairs!

But this decision to me,

Doesn't seem fair!

As I have only seen six,

I will not distress.

Six down and Three to go,

And then...perhaps, I will know where to go. :/

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Story, Part-5

After this one there are only 4 more left!! Woohoo!!!


These are a little on the creepy side but it's what comes out of me. These are the doors to our future and the ones we have closed from our past.


Monday, December 14, 2009

Story Part-4

Okay as promised I have part four of the 9- piece series for your viewing pleasure.
I hope you are enjoying this so far. I had a lot of fun drawing these as I was revealing information to myself that I could not convey through words.

More on this series at the end!


Thank You

I realize that I am ages late on this one but I must post this thank you to the man and genius Arthur Guinness! This year Guinness lovers around the world celebrated the 250th anniversary of the Master Mind behind one of the world's most famous drink GUINNESS!

Thank you Arthur!!

Drink up mates and don't forget to finish you're Pints!

Friday, December 11, 2009


It's Friday again and Christmas is almost here. I need to keep posting the peices to my story in order to show you the completed version before the 25th!

Here is part 3


Have a good weekend!

Thursday, December 10, 2009


This is the second piece of the 9 piece story. At the end I will upload all of these together.

If you would like a print of the final image at the end of the postings just let me know.

If you are still looking for xmas gifts please visit my zazzle store for some posters, mugs and T-shirts!!! :)


Monday, December 7, 2009

Ninja Mouse Poster!

I have been busy creating, designing and working on a new layout for my website... and now I am finally getting around to selling! :)

There are now posters available here at Zazzle.com. This is a direct link to the Ninja Mouse poster.
There is also the Jerry Garica poster for sale as well as the Colour of Muisc I poster for sale.


Merry Christmas!!!

This is the first peice of a nine (9) - peice drawing that I will be posting and at the end I will have them all together for you to see. This is a story board type project I have been working on the past few weeks and I have finished the first one. Prints are available by section or the entire board.


In other news, I have been doing a complete overhaul of my web site that I am hoping to have up and running by Early February. I am working with a great programmer and he goes by the name of Rob Borgeson. Check out his site and let him know that I sent you! He is fast and affordable!!!
I will keep you posted on this.

In unrelated news, the Bruins are winning!!! Go B's!


Thursday, December 3, 2009

Merry Christmas

Although it doesn't feel like Christmas around here with the weird weather we have been having and even though it's a wee bit early to be sending this out... Merry Christmas everyone!
I created this card to spread some joy and say Merry Christmas to all! I also want to thank you for reading my blog and taking an interest in me and my art! :)
I hope to have some new art posted but for now it's the Xmas card!!!
Spread the holiday spirit!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


This morning was one of those mornings; you know the ones I am talking about don't you? The mornings when you wake up and the sun is as bright as it can be... and then it gets just a bit brighter. It started out pink and moved on to a fiery orange. Birds flying around and the sounds are around are all making sense as if they were suppose to be making those sounds. Seagulls relaxing in the lake while I take my first sip of the morning sun. Now that feels good! :)

Today was one of those days. I haven't been snapping too many pictures lately (with the exception of this past weekend. But today I was really in the mood to head down to the lake and take a few before work. I always wish I could have gone down earlier than I had, but I need to rest the eyes when I can.
It was one of those days where you can drop everything and go create! I had to go to work, fortunately I am a Graphic Artist and I can create! :) If you would like to see more of my photos please visit my flickr account.

In other news, I am working on a new web site which I am hoping to have up and running before or just after the new year. I will keep you informed on that.

I just uploaded two new paintings to zazzle.com where you can purchase posters of my (Jerry Garcia) painting and the (Colour of Music I) painting.

Other than that the holiday time has come... Christmas is almost here! I have a surprise I have been working on and they should be ready in time for Xmas.

I have some t-shirts hanging in the Bridgewater Gallery in Bridgewater, MA along with some eco friendly prints and some bookmarks.

If you have the chance are in the area please check Candace's shop out! It's a great place and she's at a new location!!


Monday, November 23, 2009


Fresh whatttt? Oh yeah, Fresh LIFE!!
I found these guys while scouring the internet for some earth friendly Frisbees! After we got to talking about what they do they asked me if I would like to place some art for sale on their site.
So, if you go to their site http://www.freshlifeoutdoorgear.com/, you will find a section devoted to my earth friendly art! RIGHT-ON Fresh LIFE! These guys are great and have some really cool threads. I suggest you check them out and mention my name if you decide to purchase one of their fine USA quality made products! :)

Let me know what you think of some of my art as well! Some of the drawings you have seen here or on my site. But I uploaded a few new ones at FreshLife that I haven't displayed previously.

Other than that I hope everyone enjoys the upcoming Festivies! Thanks for stopping by and seeing what I am up to.


Thursday, November 19, 2009

New Shirt!

Okay this is an old drawing but I finally got around to applying it to some good use... If you go here you will be directed to my new shirt. The image to the right is the suspect in question.
What do you think?
I have some new art in the midst of being completed. Hopefully I will upload some new stuff soon! I am working on updating my site so that is monopolizing alot of my time.
Hope you're well enjoy the holidays if I don't get a chance to get back on.

Sunday, November 8, 2009


"And as the light beams down to magnify the brilliant colors of natures delight,
I look on in awe and realize that it's the pure and simple things in life that we must enjoy.
A cool windy day in the midst of Autumn,
while a cherry Red leaf flows down a babbling brook,
Birds chirp as a coyote howls.
The fog rolls in over the mountains in the late afternoon
and all I can do is wash down the day with a tall glass of appreciation for life!"
-Michael Mooney

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

What up?

I know it's been a while but hey, I got lazy ok?!
I have been finishing up a website I have been working on for a while now. Check it out at Pinehurst Bill.
Let me know what you think and if you are in the Pinehurst, NC area and need some golf lessons, give him a call!

What have I been doing?

I am working on several projects (per usual) and I have just started a new one...Christmas Cards! It's that time of year and I am almost done..(with the drawing)

I am also working on a commision for a friend of mine. She wants a Pink Elephant and it's actually turning out to be a neat project. I never had the desire to draw an elephant before so it has been a great way to get me thinking outside my comfort bubble.

That's it for now. I will post some pics soon. :)

Happy belated Halloween!!!


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

New Eco Art

Here is some new environmentally friendly Art!!!
This is a Clown Cow for my lil' bro Max. He wanted me to create a clown cow for his birthday and put the drawing on a shirt. Here is the drawing.

This is color pencil on recycled cardboard.



Wednesday, September 30, 2009

October is HERE!

Okay, okay, gather 'round now. I have something to tell you all about. October is a great month! I said it, BAM! It's out there, all of you now know.
I love the Autumn. It's sometimes warm during the day and brisk at night. I love walking around and seeing all the beautiful colors the world has to offer each year! October starts tomorrow and the colors are already brilliant!
My birthday is also this month so my opinion might be slightly slanted. Halloween, who doesn't like to dress up and get a little wacky!? A lot of wacky? Okay freakin' crazy!! :)

What do Bridgewater, MA, Art, ME and October have in common? Psssh, everything! I will have two paintings hanging in a gallery in Bridgewater, MA for the month of October! Still following, keeping up? Should I slow down? Are you still reading?
Go check out the gallery at (232 Broad St. Bridgewater, MA) and let Candace know I sent you!!

The reception will be on Oct. 24th from 6PM-9PM. Be there or be....yaaa whatever, just be there!! There will be food, wine, music from Brian Mooney (yes, he is my brother), good vibes and 9 talented artists!

Should be a great time! Later on Railroad Earth are playing in Boston at the Paradise Rock Club! Go see them they kick ass!

Talk to you soon. Enjoy the art and weather!


Friday, September 25, 2009


"I'm cracked and I'm dried out...
and I haven't slept in days"

Not literally. These are some lyrics from the song "You Lay The Dust" by Assembly of Dust. One of my favorite bands and if you have the opportunity to hear these guys live, I highly recommend doing so.

Anyways, back to business. I am heading down to MA (again) tomorrow and dropping off two paintings (which can be found here) at the Bridgewater Art Gallery in Bridgewater, MA.

These paintings (along with 9 other artists) will be in the gallery for the month of October. Be sure to stop in if you are in the area.
The two paintings that I am placing in are: "Colour of Music III" and a new painting "A Master's Mind". Both can be found on my Homepage at www.moonartdesign.com

Let me know what you think when you have the chance.

Well that's it for now. I am beat!


Support Live Music!!!

I still have "Support Life Music " shirts for sale. If you would like one please send me an email at moonart.design@gmail.com

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Although I am not preparing for another event (art fair) like the one I just participated in a few weeks ago, I am straight out busy!

I have been all over the place conjuring up new ideas for drawings and paintings. I am working on updating my website and making that more user friendly. As a full-time everything, it's hard to put forth 100% effort towards everything I want to do. You can only spread yourself so thin and at some point something is going to give. Either my art (which I will not sacrfice quality for having a better website), my website or me. Well, hopefully I won't have to shutdown too often. That is why I don't post as often as I would like and that is why my website takes a hit in being as user friendly as it should. I am at the point where I am debating hiring a web designer on a part-time basis. But I don't have the funds just yet.

Aside from creating, updating, posting, working (day-job), freelance work, recreational fun time and being with the one I love... I hardly have time for myself. When I do have time I have been spending it reading, sleeping or thinking about what I should be doing!! :)

I have been sending out emails to galleries and I have been receiving a lot of positive feedback. I will keep you posted once I hear more.

Until next time...wish me luck!


Tuesday, September 8, 2009


This past weekend Sue O'Connor (my mom/ Photographer) and I were in Keene, NH selling art and having a good time! We had great weather (some of the best all "summer") Sat. and Sunday.

Although we didn't sell a whole lot of art, we in turn learned a lot. Which in my opinion is much more valuable than making a quick buck. We learned that people liked what we were doing and they told us not to give up. Throughout the day I was told several times that it was a "breath of fresh air" to see someone with some original works. I was told my several people to keep pushing my individual drawings, (Ninja Mouse, Clown Town and Invasion series) as much as I could and that someday they would be big.
There was a lot of art down in Keene this weekend and if you were around to witness it consider yourself lucky.

I think my mom and I will be back again next year and better prepared this time around!

I have some photos that I haven't downloaded yet. I will soon!


Friday, September 4, 2009

Art In The Park!!! Sat. 9/5-Sun. 9/6 10am -4pm

Okay this will probably be the last post prior to ART IN THE PARK this weekend! I promise. I don't have a cell phone with internet access so I won't be mobile updating. But my mom does so she might. :) Just kidding.
On a serious note, get your butts to Keene and support the arts!!! I will be at tent 32 having a good time, drawing and conversing with all who wonder. Come by, have some snacks and look at a bunch of cool art.
I am adding another piece of art that I hope you will enjoy. This painting is called "The Mountain Life 2"

Alright, I have a bunch more to do before Saturday. Have a good night and a great long weekend everybody.


Thursday, September 3, 2009

All Most There!

I have been working hard and tying up all the "loose" ends this past week. I have been cutting and matting, writing and typing, drawing and fighting....err wait a second. Well, fighting with time! :) A week goes by fast when you are busy 24/7. Between working the day job and trying to get everything ready for Art In the Park this weekend I have been exhausted!

This weekend is going to be great! I can't wait to head down to Keene and setup my booth! Number 32, in case I forgot to mention that before.

Here is a little something to hold you over until Saturday.

My newest painting which has only been seen by a few...sorry about the photo I don't have very good lightning in my studio at night

This is called "Colour of Music VIII"
Let me know your thoughts.
This painting along with plenty of other will be in Keene, NH this weekend!!!
Come support the arts.
Have a great weekend!
Cheers everybody!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

ART In The Park!!!

Come one- come all down to Keene, NH Labor Day weekend! From 9/5-9/6, 10AM - 4PM over 81 artists will be in Ashuelot Park displaying their craft of choice. From painting, to sculpture, drawing to clothing.
As this is the 51st Annual event these artist know what they are in for. As for me, I am a newbie and I am very excited for this years Art in the Park!

I will have paintings, drawings, prints, bookmarks, magnets and more!

C'mon on down to Keene, NH if you have the time and stop by tent 32!!!


Wednesday, August 26, 2009


As you know I am busy preparing my art work and various other materials for the craft/ art show down in Keene, Art in the Park. However, I wanted to share with you some of my photography that I have taken over the years.
I don't have a section for this on my web site just yet but once things calm down I plan on updating my site.
Stay tuned for more info!!

Without further ado, here is the link to my photos. This is a small group that I have uploaded for the past few years.

Let me know what you think when you have a moment.


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Work, Work, Working

That is what I have been doing, Working hard and getting everything ready for "Art In the Park" on Labor Day weekend!
Finishing up paintings, making prints, bookmarks, framing art, printing t-shirts and bags! Oh my!
I have been busy and I will continue to be busy as I still have a lot more to finish. I just purchased my tent last week and I need to get some walls for the gazebo.

Anyone know of some good waterproof walls??

I am still working on a web site for Pinehurst Bill down in NC. This is just a parked page so far until the site is finished. It is looking good so far and I will be excited to finish up the loose ends.

I saw the Allman Brother's Band again for the 4th or 5th time last night!!! They rocked the house as usual!

Well that's it for now. I need to get back to work. If you would like anything designed (web/ print) created or a custom painting/ drawing please go to www.moonartdesign.com, send me an email or a post.

I will update soon.


Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Well it's right around the corner..."Art In the Park" in Keene, NH!!! I have been working hard at getting everything ready for Labor Day weekend. I know I know, I have another weekend and a half; but hey, that goes by fast!
I have been getting everything ready for printing, frame my work and finishing up my paintings and drawings. Everything is really coming together nicely. I just purchased my tent to day...score! I still need to buy some waterproof walls though.
My art is still hanging up in the Lotus and Orchid art gallery on West St. in Keene. If you are around you should stop in. This is a cool little gallery and it is sad to see them shutting the doors.

Well that is it for now. I am going back to work.


Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Master's Mind

This is a new painting I finished a few weeks ago,
"A Master's Mind". What do you think? I like this this painting a lot. This is a very good representation of my mind and how I operate. Even though I am all over the place I am still focused. I am thinking ahead and moving when necessary. I never rush into a situation without thinking about it first.
Maybe someday I will be a Grandmaster and maybe someday I will paint my masterpiece.

If you are in Keene on Friday, stop on down to the Lotus and Orchid. I will be swapping in some new art for some old. Should be fun. I hope to see you there!


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

This Friday!

This Friday I will be taking down my paintings from the gallery in Keene, NH (Lotus and Orchid) and hanging 3 new pieces in there for another one. If you didn't have a chance to get to Keene, it would be really cool if you are able to make it down and check out the art down there. This is a nice little gallery in the middle of the Keene.
To the right I have posted a nicely little treat for you. This is a drawing I finished a few weeks ago "Wizard In Training".
If there is anything you would like a print of please feel free to send me an email mthomasmoon@yahoo.com.
Just a reminder, Art In the Park will be taking place in Keene, NH from 9/5-9/6. This should be tons of fun with around 80 artists participating.
I will have t-shirts, originals, prints, and magnets available for sale!
I hope to see you there!
In unrelated news..Ronan Quinn will be playing [Friday 8/14] at the Littlest Bar in Boston. Come on out and show your support!!!
Go be creative!!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

New Art

Okay it's been a while since the last post. I've been busy and busy is always good! I have another drawing (White charcoal and Black charcoal) on recycled cardboard. This is a sail boat for all the sailors out there!
How can you not love a sailor?

My three weeks headlining exhibit in the Keene, NH art gallery (Lotus and Orchid) is finally up. :( However, I have been asked to keep three pieces in the gallery on a month to month basis and I have accepted. I am going to be leaving the Saxophone player "Colour of Music VII" oil painting in and adding two more pieces. Once I have decided what to bring down I will let you know.
In the mean time go to Keene and see the gallery!!!

In other news, I am getting things ready for the "Art In The Park" the first weekend of September. This is a two day affair (Sat. 9/5 and Sun. 9/6). I am busy printing up some prints and creating some t-shirt designs. If you have any shirts that you would like to see let me know.

That's is it for now. Have fun out there.


Thursday, July 16, 2009

Got Gas Sensors?

Two weeks ago I was heading down to Keene, NH to drop off my art at the Lotus and Orchid. Along the way my Check Engine light came on and I was little a worried. I kept going and droped my art off. As I was contemplating heading to Boston or not my light went off. Looks like "White Lightning" (my car) wanted to go to Boston as well.

Last night I had to catch up on some much needed laundry. As I was going back to pick up my recently dried clothes, my Check Engine light turned on. Argggh!
I let White Lightning take a break and sleep it off. I wake up this morning and my car still has the check engine light on. I drive it down to Belknap Subaru in Belknap, NH. They give me a call this morning and tell me that the gas sensors are going and are relaying to the computer in the car that I am out of gas or something or other. Anyways, two senors + labor, and an oil change while roatating my tires (which I needed to do) I am going to be out around $400!

Anyone want to buy some prints? :) I could definitely use the extra cash.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Art Opening

This past weekend was the opening for my exhibit down in Keene, NH at the Lotus and Orchid. If you made it out there thanks for the support! Along with the Lotus and Orchid there were several other venues participating in the Keene Art Walk. It was great to see something like this going on.
My art will be in the Lotus and Orchid till the end of July and perhaps through to August. I will keep you upadted as I learn more.

If you are interested in some custom art please let me know. If you have some free time check out www.moonartdesign.com

Enjoy the weather while we have it!


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

New Art

If you find yourself in the Keene, NH area on Friday from 5-8, you should come on over to the Lotus and Orchid art gallery and see some ART! I have 7 oil paintings hanging up until the end of July.
The painting to the right is my most recently finished painting. I have been working on this off and on for about a year and a half. The title is "Colour of Music VII". I love music and have so much fun painting this series. Check out more of my art at www.moonartdesign.com

Let me know what you think of my new painting.


Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Here is some new art for you to help pass the time.
Klown Kid #1 -"Leroy". Isn't he just a fun little guy? :)

I started drawing clowns back in 2008 and I have around 12 or so created now and I am starting to post them. Leroy can be found at this link deviant art. I have also uploaded some other art that is available for print.

Check it out when you have the time and let me know what you think.
I will be uploading more art soon as well as posting some on my website www.moonartdesign.com

Friday is almost here and I will be down in Keene from 5-8PM at the Lotus and Orchid. If you are going to be in the area, you should try to swing on by.

In other news, I will be in Keene, NH during labor day weekend at the "Art In the Park" Festival. This is sure to be a good time with over 80+ artists attending!!

If you don't have plans you should try to make an appearance down there. There are tons of prizes to be given away along with good food, great people and tons of fun!


Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy 4th!

I am a little late to post but at least I am getting around to it... Happy 4th of July everybody! Who doesn't like seeing bright colors light up the sky every once in a while? I sure do! I hope this picture make everyone smile as much as it make me smile.

Anyway, I had a great weekend. I grilled some food, drank some choice beverages and hung out with some friends. And for the first time in a few weeks, the sun came out on Sunday and my girlfriend and I spent the day on the beach. I got a bit of a burn but I think I will be okay.

I hope your weekend was as fun as mine. :)

In art news, this Friday from 5pm-8pm, I will be down in Keene, NH at the Lotus and Orchid displaying my art! If you are in the area, come to Keene and check out some cool art! If have been doing some updated so, check out the www.moonartdesign.com when you have a moment.

Let me know how what you think!


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Moose II

Here is some more eco art. I have been trying to finish up some drawings I started a few months ago, so here is another "Moose II".
I happen to like this guy more than the first Moose. What do you think?

This was drawn on cardboard using pencil, Black charcoal and white charcoal. I think the charcoal work really well with the brown cardboard behind it.

If you would like to purchase a print or the original feel free to send me an email.

In other news it's raining. Hopefully this weekend we will have some sunshine and clear skies at night!

Have a good rest of the week we are almost there!


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Lotus and Orchid

If you happen to find yourself in Keene, NH after July 10th, then you should swing on into the Lotus and Orchid Art gallery. The title of the exhibit is "Grey Matter" (Art for the Brain).
Along with myself, there are three talented artist displaying art, (Dave Fitzsimmons, Karena Ness, Amy Hovasapian) and we will be accompanied by the live music of "The Trouble with Harry".

There will be an artist meet and greet from 5pm-8pm on Friday 7/10. It would be great to see you there!


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New Art

Here is some new art your viewing pleasure. The title is, "Moose I". This drawing was created using pencil and white charcoal on recycled cardboard.

I have been working on a web site on and off for the past month. My client has been busy with work (which is a good thing) and has had trouble sending me information.
I am also trying to finish some of the 10 paintings I have going right now. I would like to have two of them finished before I hang about (5-7) paintings in Keene, NH at the "Lotus and Orchid". That is the trouble with oil paints, you have to learn to be very patient.

That's all I have for now. I'm beat!


Sunday, June 7, 2009

Eco Art

Here is one of the several drawings that I have been working on as of late. These new drawings that I have been working on are drawn on recycled cardboard. I started using cereal boxes, cracker boxes and will be moving on to corrugated cardboard.
With this drawing I used oil pastels which isn't environmental friendly. However, I am planning on using another medium in the future. 
I also have some more drawings on cardboard that I plan on uploading soon!

I hope you enjoy the art and that when you look at this you can't help but smile.


Tuesday, June 2, 2009


This post is loooong over due for one of my favorite bands TEA LEAF GREEN.

The San Francisco based group formed in '97, have been touring since 2002. When I first had the chance to see these guys play in Allston, MA my buddy and I took a chance on a band we knew nothing about. Fortunately for us, the band we saw was amazing and we were "dancing" for days.

From the moment Tea Leaf Green took the stage they rocked the small Allston, MA venue (Harper's Ferry). The mind bending, ever lasting guitar solos by Josh Clark, incorporated with Trevor's elegant vocals and sometimes soft and intrinisic sound from the keys makes the show.

To round of the quartet there is Scott holding it down on the drums and at the time (Ben Chambers) who absoulety rocked the house with his funky bass solo's has departed with the band and the new bass player Reed Mathis of Jacob Fred's Jazz Odyssey is a phoenominal subsitute as he remains composed on the stage.

About 3 weeks ago my brother and I went to see this band in question down in Boston at the Paradise Rock Club and Lounge. If you haven't had the chance to see a show at the club I highly recommend it. A small venue with two levels and a chest high stage. There is enough room to get down and boogie while the band is playing right on top of you.

If you have the chance to see TLG play, do yourself a favor and spend the $18 or $20 on a ticket and experience a life Tea Leaf Green show. For music lovers out there, you know that there is nothing like seeing live music.

Music is a part of my life and is consistantly showing up in my art. Check out my web site for more examples of my art.

Peace and Live Music!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Weekend Recap

Who doesn't love a good 3-day weekend? There are few things I love more and one of them is a 4-day weekend! That is right I took Friday off to start the weekend off. I woke up late (8ish), took a hike and went to the beach for a few hours. I got a lot of done this weekend. I started on some new paintings that are coming along nicely. I also worked on a few older pieces that I am hoping to finish up soon.
I didn't do too much on the computer this weekend. I really needed a break from designing and this weekend was really a refreshing break from the everyday norm. 
Saturday I went to the golf course and played 9 holes with my bros and Dad. I didn't do too bad considering I usually only play once a year.  The weather was nice and it was good to see my brothers. 
Sunday I went to a going away party for my brother. He is graduating this year and will be heading to Alaska for 4 years for the Army. Alaska isn't too bad considering too many soldiers are in Iraq, Afghanistan and several other countries.
I played some bocce ball and did some grilling. Drank some beers and enjoyed hanging out with family members I haven't seen in a while.

All in all this was a wicked fun weekend! I hope you had a good one too!


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What's going on?

It's been a while since I last posted. I've been busy working on a web site, Pinehurstbill.com. It's still in progress but you can check out the logo design by clicking on the link above.

I wanted to fill you in on some happenings:

I have been working on about five to six paintings for the past few months and two of them are about done. Once I finish them I will post them on here and they will be added to my painting gallery.
I will be showing some of my painting in a gallery in Keene, NH called the Lotus & Orchid in July. I will keep you informed as the date gets closer.

And then... Later on down the road in September, there will be a gathering of around 80 artists in Ashuelot Park in Keene, NH. I am expected this to be a lot of fun and a fantastic time! All who can should come. The Art in the Park art festival will be taking place September 5-6. I look forward to meeting you there. 

Whelp, talk to you later.


Thursday, April 30, 2009

Almost There.

Well it's been a week since I started taken the antibiotic for the strep throat I have. Although I am still feeling it, I am feeling a lot better. I haven't been creating a whole lot of art, however, I have been doing a ton of designing. While putting in a solid 8 hours of designing and printing at work, I am working on a logo and a web site for a client outside of work. Needless to say, I have been pretty wiped and my eyes are in dire need of some rest. I will post some information and web link once I have something uploaded.

I am going to try to finish up some paintings and maybe some drawings on Sunday when I get back from MA this weekend.

I'm tired. I'm going to get some rest. The Bruins are playing the Hurricanes on Friday night. Check it out.


Friday, April 24, 2009

New Art

I have been working on this piece for a while now. I am still not sure what I'm going to do with it yet but I am starting to like it. This painting has gone through several stages and has been left alone for a couple of years. I have just recently pulled this one out of the closet. At least now I can develop some ideas from this and see where I want to go with it.  The use of line frequently appears in my drawing's. At the moment this painting is untitled.

What do you think of this so far? I would love to hear your input.

I have a few other painting's that are finally coming to a finish. One of the paintings is called "A Master's Mind" and the other painting is called " A Simple Twist of Fate". A simple twist of fate is the second painting from the Tribute to Bob Dylan's "Blood On The Tracks" album I started last summer. These painting's are coming along nicely and I can't wait to upload them!

The weather is suppose to be gorgeous this weekend! Get outside and have some fun!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Doing some sweeping tonight!

At around 9:30PM (Eastcost Time Zone) the Boston Bruins will be finishing off the "Habs" tonight up in Montreal, CA. I am not by any means saying this is going to be an easy one, because it most certainly will not. I am merely saying that the Bruins are going to finish up the series with thrilling 4-2 victory.

The playoffs have it all: The fast pace, the hard hitting and close games that bring hockey fans to the edge of their seats. That is, after (college hockey) is over. These are the games to watch.

Look for a very physical game as the Bruins polish off the habs and a lot of fighting. The habs will be going home early, however, they will not be going into the locker room quietly.

If you are not currently a hockey fan, this game will make you one. The first place Bruins will move onto the next round on a 4 game sweep. The quest for the cup continues.

Go Bruins!

Earth Day

Okay, it's earth day. It's a good reminder to everyone that we need to change our lifestyles for the better. We need to be conscious of ourselves and everyone around us. Earth day should be everyday! This is just a good day to make sure you doing your part. We have to try and clean up the giant mess we have made of this planet.
Check out this link for some cool earth day and everyday tips for being more environmentally friendly.
Be kind to each other.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Still feeling it!

Well I am still sick and feel like..... well, not good.
I haven't been doing any art while I have been sick so, here is some old art creating anything while being sick. I am hoping to get back into the studio soon.

I am taking my art done from Dynamite Sushi this weekend so, if you want to take a look at it shoot on in there and check it out.

The Bruins are still kicking ass! They are up 3-0 in the series and are looking to take it tomorrow.

I will check in soon.


Thursday, April 16, 2009

Oh Crap

Well I feel like crap and I haven't been sleeping much. I did some drawing tonight which was a lot of fun. I painted last night and every time I get back in the studio it feels like it's the first time all over again.

I have been brain storming and preparing for some new drawings and paintings. I also have a logo and a web site I am designing. I will post more once I start completing some works.

In other news, the Bruins are playing the Habs tonight. Game 1 in Boston and it should be a crazy one. Last time I checked it was 2-2 in the 3rd. 

I am going to try and get some shut eye tonight. This guy could use it.

That's it for now.

Go Bruins!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Finally back at!

After about a solid 16 days off, I was finally able to stumble back in the studio. Which was a huge relief because I have been "trying" to get back in there. Once I managed to get setup I painted for about 4 hours! I worked on 7 pieces that have been on going for a while now.

Painting in oils can be quite cumbersome, however, I love to use them. I have been trying to make the switch over to acrylics but it's just not that easy. Someday I will give acrylic paint another go. I am not sure when that time will come for I am far to involved with my oil paints.

In other unrelated news, I am heading to Boston this weekend! This should be a good time. Boston is always a lot of fun, expensive but fun. I am going to try and keep the cost down this time around. 

Have a good weekend and be kind to each other.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Long Time Coming

Whelp, it's been a while since I have stepped into the studio. Since before I went to Ireland actually. I am hoping I have some time this weekend to bust out some art. I have been working on these three pieces that have been coming along nicely. The trouble is, they are taking forever to dry.

I will try to upload something new soon.


Saturday, March 28, 2009


If you are going to be in the area of Hudson, NH any time soon, you should stop in to a neat little restaurant called Dynamite Sushi! I will be the latest addition of artists who frequent the walls of this fine establishment. Now, I am not a big Sushi eater, never have been. That said, even if your not, stop on by and check out some cool art.
My art should be hanging for about a month and then there should be another artist in there. If you do happen to "stumble" upon Dynamite Sushi, please let me know what you think of my art and the restaurant as a whole. It's always good to hear everyones opinions.

On a side note, Jim, if you are reading this, I am sure your going crazy about my punctuation and in places lack there of!
 I just want to state for the record that I am not a writer and I will make those "common mistakes".


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Welcome HOME!

I am and have been back on American soil for about a week now. I have been fighting off a cold and trying to get back in the swing of things.
It's hard to adjust to a totally different lifestyle. I went from working everyday, to traveling everyday, back to going to work. I know what you are thinking, " it was only for a week"! Yes, it is true, I only traveled for a week, but you get so wrapped up in what your doing, you are thinking different thought, living a different lifestyle and sometimes you don't want to live any other.
I can definitely see myself traveling the world, even if it's for a short amount of time and in small trips like my recent visit to Ireland. 
Anyways, enough of my rambling... How was the trip? How was Ireland? It was bloody freakin' brilliant!!! I only slept 6 hours in the first two days of being there. That definitely took it's toll on my immune system as the trip went on. Lack of sleep is never good. 

Nonetheless, my brother's and I had a blast. A trip for the memory banks. We will remember this always.  Hopefully I (we) will be able to make back to the motherland again. However, until that time comes, I have these photos and a bunch more to remind me of the trip.

The first photo is of me kissing the Blarney Stone. To the right, I am in front of the Guinness Brewery!!! It was better than I imagined.  Next up are the Cliffs of Mohr. They were absolutely breathtaking. I took a picture of a few brightly colored doors while I was over there. Someday when I have my own place, I will be painting my front door a vibrant Red or an electrifying Yellow! That way I will never go into the wrong house on the way home from the bars.  ;) Finally, there is a picture of all three of us enjoy a pint of Ireland's finest!

That's all for now folks! I can definitely say with no regret, "There is no place like home". Besides, I don't like being away from my g/f.  I was missing my love waaaay too much.  :)


Sunday, March 15, 2009


Allright, as I said, I would try and provide an update while I am in Ireland. I have 3 mins. to write this because they charge for computer usage.

I am in Dublin now. Galway and Cork were AMAZING!!! Ireland is already surpassing my every expectation. We (my brother's and I) are going on the Dublin tour today and hitting all the sights!

Tomorrow is St. Pattys and if the trip will tell me anything it is sure to be a killer event!

Times up.


Monday, March 9, 2009

2 More Days till Ireland!!!

Yes, you heard right folks, in two days I will be in the air heading to Ireland!!!
Check out the map. This is the ground (in a nutshell) that I will be covering over the week. It's going to be a lot of go, go, go and a lot of sleeping on the bus. Nonetheless, this is sure going to be a trip for the ages. I will try to get on and post along my travels. 

In other news, I am hanging some art (ten pieces) actually the Sunday I come back. I am hanging my art in a restaurant located in Hudson, NH called Dynamite Sushi

Also, I should have mentioned this a few weeks ago, myself and Michael Piper are combining artistic forces to create a super human artist called.... all right enough of that. We created a project called "24 Hour Art Project". The purpose of this project is to raise money for people in need by creating art for 24 HOURS STRAIGHT! 

We are working on setting up our first project for sometime in May. Stay tuned for more information. That said, if you have or know someone that needs a helping hand we would love to help out. 

Check out our blog @ 24 Hour Art Project for more information.

That is it for now. 


Friday, March 6, 2009

Traveling Mooney's

If you frequent my blog you already know and if you don't I am going to fill you on my life. In five more days my brothers and I will be traveling over to Ireland! 
We arrive in Ireland around 5 am and from the moment our feet touch the land we are on the move. We start by hopping on a bus 3-4 hours across the country to Galway.  After plenty of sight seeing and several empty glasses, we head down to County Clare to marvel at the Cliffs of Mohr.
Then we move South to Blarney and admire the extravagant Blarney Castle and of course kiss the Blarney Stone. From there we will be heading to the North East to Dublin. Three days in Dublin to wrap up the trip. A week isn't much for a trip around a country (excluding the Northern part of Ireland) but it's sure going to be a lot of fun. 

I try to get on here before I leave. However, I am going to be busy getting ready and making sure I have everything I need. I will definitely have some pictures posted when I get back.

Have a good weekend everyone and be safe!


Friday, February 27, 2009


Finally, I ended up breaking down and buy a decent easel! The easel I have been using is very rickety and can't even hold most of the paintings I have been working. This is the real deal. No more painting on the floor for me! :)
Tonight is going to be a night in. I will be painting my "arse" off and staying warm. 

I am heading to Ireland in TWO WEEKS!!! Yes, I am a bit excited. I should probably start planning the trip. Ahhh, to hell with that I have my ticket and that's all the planning I really need.

Have a great weekend everyone!!


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Painted Town

If you're like me you like to listen to good music and wet your pallet. I can help you with that first one check out www.drinkingsong.org. There you can listen to a new drinking song each day until St. Patty's Day.

My brother (Brian) and I recorded a song a few weeks ago. This song "Painted Town" will be playing on the 28th of February!
This is a song about how the Irish were building all these houses and they had painted the doors all the same color. Now, what happened was the Irishman would go to the local pub and as they tried to stumble home they wouldn't know what house to go into. Story has it that the famous write George Moore painted his door Green so that another writer Oliver St. John Gogarty wouldn't stumble into the wrong place. Needless to say everyone else followed suit.
For this song "Painted Town" we spruced it up a bit and made the tale a lot more interesting.
This will be the last track of the month before we make our run towards the bar(s). [You will have to let me know what you think of the song.]

I will be celebrating St. Patty's in Ireland! This is sure to be a blast and I will be drinking plenty of the black stuff. mmm... I can already taste it. :)

What do you have planned for the 17th of March or that weekend? I would love to hear what you have planned.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Cafe Baskets USA

For the few weeks I have been working on a logo for a company called Cafe Baskets USA.
After a few revisions I was able to finalize the logo for Ilene (owner of Cafe Baskets USA). The logo came out really well and it is all vector based art! I am thinking about submitting some of the vector objects to Vecteezy.com. This a great site to get some vector images or objects in a pinch.

Let me know what you think of my logo and if you need a gift for a relative or friend I definitely recommend buy one of Ilene's Baskets!

In non-related news, I will be leaving for Ireland in 16 days!!!! :) I can hardly contain the excitement! I can't wait to get over to the motherland. I will take plenty of pictures and will be sure to post them when I return.

Do any of you have any big travel plans this summer? Definitely let me know if you have a chance.


Friday, February 20, 2009

New Art

This is actually something I created toward the end of 2008 in my spare time.

This is one of the characters from my "Invasion" series. I hope to have some more art for you soon. I have 2 to 3 more pieces of the Invasion series that I would like to upload next week.

Hopefully I can upload some art to my web site as well. This blog thing is just so much easier!

Let me know what you think.


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Painting, Ireland and a little more Painting

Alright, as usual it has been a while since my last post. There is good reason for that, I have been working on several projects (painting, designing a few logos, painting, hanging out the my love, trying to relax/sleep when I can, upload new art and update my web site and  what consumes most of my time....my day job)!
Few! Did I miss anything? I probably did but let's move forward. 

You might be wondering why there is a pint of Guinness to the left. or You might be excited that there is a print over there. Are you as thirsty as I am? Well, go grab a pint and check out my buddy Jim's site for a new drinking song each day!

Now, the reason I have posted a pint of Guinness is because....
I am headed to Ireland on March 11th!!!!! And you better believe I am heading to the Guinness brewery for a fresh pint! 

As I have been counting down the days a lot of freakish things have been happening with planes and how they have not really wanted to fly properly. Well, all I can say is that I hope I have the pilot who landed in the Hudson (just incase)...Knock on some wood for me. I am heading over there for a week with my two brothers and it is sure to be a blast. We are pretty much covering the entire country in a week (speed tour) guided by Chevy Chase from European Vacation. We will be landing in Dublin, busing it to Galway for a couple days, heading down to Cork and then finishing the trip off for a few pints in Dublin and celebrating St. Patty's Day!!! This is sure to be an amazing and much needed vacation. Although I don't think there will be too much relaxing.

Once I am back in the states I will definitely upload a few shots and some edited stories. ;)
I will then be getting ready to hang some of my art (10 paintings of my choice) in a restaurant down in Hudson, NH. I will post some more information about this as the day moves closer. If you have any suggestions as to what paintings or drawings I hang in the restaurant, please do let me know.

That's all I have for now. 


Friday, February 6, 2009

"Beneath The Skin"

Self-Portrait- "Beneath The Skin"

I try to do a self-portrait every 2 years or so. I would like to do one ever year but, I can never seem to get around to doing it.

Anyways, here is my last self-portrait and I have titled it "Beneath The Skin".

This is my third self-portrait (1st drawing). The other two were paintings. I feel this drawing starts to unveil another side of me that nobody gets to see. I am uncovering new layers as  I grow as an artist. This is another step in the right direction. 

How does this make you feel? What do you think of this drawing? Let me know when you have a chance.