Tuesday, June 2, 2009


This post is loooong over due for one of my favorite bands TEA LEAF GREEN.

The San Francisco based group formed in '97, have been touring since 2002. When I first had the chance to see these guys play in Allston, MA my buddy and I took a chance on a band we knew nothing about. Fortunately for us, the band we saw was amazing and we were "dancing" for days.

From the moment Tea Leaf Green took the stage they rocked the small Allston, MA venue (Harper's Ferry). The mind bending, ever lasting guitar solos by Josh Clark, incorporated with Trevor's elegant vocals and sometimes soft and intrinisic sound from the keys makes the show.

To round of the quartet there is Scott holding it down on the drums and at the time (Ben Chambers) who absoulety rocked the house with his funky bass solo's has departed with the band and the new bass player Reed Mathis of Jacob Fred's Jazz Odyssey is a phoenominal subsitute as he remains composed on the stage.

About 3 weeks ago my brother and I went to see this band in question down in Boston at the Paradise Rock Club and Lounge. If you haven't had the chance to see a show at the club I highly recommend it. A small venue with two levels and a chest high stage. There is enough room to get down and boogie while the band is playing right on top of you.

If you have the chance to see TLG play, do yourself a favor and spend the $18 or $20 on a ticket and experience a life Tea Leaf Green show. For music lovers out there, you know that there is nothing like seeing live music.

Music is a part of my life and is consistantly showing up in my art. Check out my web site for more examples of my art.

Peace and Live Music!

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