Saturday, August 29, 2009

ART In The Park!!!

Come one- come all down to Keene, NH Labor Day weekend! From 9/5-9/6, 10AM - 4PM over 81 artists will be in Ashuelot Park displaying their craft of choice. From painting, to sculpture, drawing to clothing.
As this is the 51st Annual event these artist know what they are in for. As for me, I am a newbie and I am very excited for this years Art in the Park!

I will have paintings, drawings, prints, bookmarks, magnets and more!

C'mon on down to Keene, NH if you have the time and stop by tent 32!!!


Wednesday, August 26, 2009


As you know I am busy preparing my art work and various other materials for the craft/ art show down in Keene, Art in the Park. However, I wanted to share with you some of my photography that I have taken over the years.
I don't have a section for this on my web site just yet but once things calm down I plan on updating my site.
Stay tuned for more info!!

Without further ado, here is the link to my photos. This is a small group that I have uploaded for the past few years.

Let me know what you think when you have a moment.


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Work, Work, Working

That is what I have been doing, Working hard and getting everything ready for "Art In the Park" on Labor Day weekend!
Finishing up paintings, making prints, bookmarks, framing art, printing t-shirts and bags! Oh my!
I have been busy and I will continue to be busy as I still have a lot more to finish. I just purchased my tent last week and I need to get some walls for the gazebo.

Anyone know of some good waterproof walls??

I am still working on a web site for Pinehurst Bill down in NC. This is just a parked page so far until the site is finished. It is looking good so far and I will be excited to finish up the loose ends.

I saw the Allman Brother's Band again for the 4th or 5th time last night!!! They rocked the house as usual!

Well that's it for now. I need to get back to work. If you would like anything designed (web/ print) created or a custom painting/ drawing please go to, send me an email or a post.

I will update soon.


Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Well it's right around the corner..."Art In the Park" in Keene, NH!!! I have been working hard at getting everything ready for Labor Day weekend. I know I know, I have another weekend and a half; but hey, that goes by fast!
I have been getting everything ready for printing, frame my work and finishing up my paintings and drawings. Everything is really coming together nicely. I just purchased my tent to day...score! I still need to buy some waterproof walls though.
My art is still hanging up in the Lotus and Orchid art gallery on West St. in Keene. If you are around you should stop in. This is a cool little gallery and it is sad to see them shutting the doors.

Well that is it for now. I am going back to work.


Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Master's Mind

This is a new painting I finished a few weeks ago,
"A Master's Mind". What do you think? I like this this painting a lot. This is a very good representation of my mind and how I operate. Even though I am all over the place I am still focused. I am thinking ahead and moving when necessary. I never rush into a situation without thinking about it first.
Maybe someday I will be a Grandmaster and maybe someday I will paint my masterpiece.

If you are in Keene on Friday, stop on down to the Lotus and Orchid. I will be swapping in some new art for some old. Should be fun. I hope to see you there!


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

This Friday!

This Friday I will be taking down my paintings from the gallery in Keene, NH (Lotus and Orchid) and hanging 3 new pieces in there for another one. If you didn't have a chance to get to Keene, it would be really cool if you are able to make it down and check out the art down there. This is a nice little gallery in the middle of the Keene.
To the right I have posted a nicely little treat for you. This is a drawing I finished a few weeks ago "Wizard In Training".
If there is anything you would like a print of please feel free to send me an email
Just a reminder, Art In the Park will be taking place in Keene, NH from 9/5-9/6. This should be tons of fun with around 80 artists participating.
I will have t-shirts, originals, prints, and magnets available for sale!
I hope to see you there!
In unrelated news..Ronan Quinn will be playing [Friday 8/14] at the Littlest Bar in Boston. Come on out and show your support!!!
Go be creative!!!