Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Every year I walk in the Tufts Harbor http://www.harborwalkrun.org/faf/home/default.asp?ievent=1006775
walk in Boston, MA with my family in my sisters honor. She has Mitochondrial disease and like many diseases, there is no cure.

Every year I raise money for the cause and this year I decided to send anyone who donated in support of me an original piece of artwork as an extra incentive.

Prints of the original are available here.

Every year, I also donate 1% of all income earned on the art I have sold throughout the year to the Tufts organization.

I also inverted the image in Photoshop. I thought it looked like an etching and I like it a lot. Oh how I wish I had the money for the supplies and the patience to etch.
Prints of Ghosts 1 (inverted) are available here.

For anyone who purchases a print, I will donate 10% of profits to Tufts.

Thank you for your support.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Billy Bonka??

I had this idea a few weeks back and I have been itching to draw it. So I finally made it happen, Blamo! I give you my one a week 13/52- Billy Bonka and his Never lasting Gobstopper!!

The original is for sale and you can prints are available here.

If you've been thinking of creating some watercolor drawings and you are not sure how... here are some great watercolor pencils that will do the trick!
Watercolor Pencils 24/Pkg - Assorted - Scrapbooking

If you have any ideas for future drawings you would like to see, send me a message and let me know. I love new ideas.


Sunday, June 17, 2012

Week- 12/52- Al "Hairy" Paca

Week 12 of 52- Al "Hairy" Paca. Wow, that's one hairy Alpaca. I think you can now see a theme going here. I am working my way around the animal kingdom. I was never one to draw animals but I am having a lot of fun doing it.
I wonder why I put it off for so long? Either way, it's been a nice challenge for myself and it keeps me creating something new.

Here are some great watercolor pencils. I have been using these to creating my watercolor drawings and they work awesome! Prismacolor Premier Watercolor Colored Art Pencils, 24 Colored Pencils

Prints are available here.

In other news, the weather has been great here in New England and quite perfect to be honest. It's suppose to be hot this week with temps up in the 90's; Looks like summer is moving Spring out of it's way!

In other news, the newest and potentially last Batman will be released in July. Woot!
I am a big Batman fan and can't wait for the new release. Christian Bale has def. been the best Batman by far and Christopher Nolan has blown people away with his directing/vision.

What do you think of my latest drawing? I would love to hear your feedback.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

11 of 52- Da Flamingo

Here is a new drawing for my one a week art project- 11 of 52- Da Flamingo. This is a watercolor drawing on watercolor paper. Prints are available here.

What do you think of the new art I have been producing? I know it's quite different than what I have produced in the past but I am liking my new pieces a lot.

If you are thinking of creating your own watercolor drawings, here's a link for a Great deal on some water colored pencils.

Prismacolor Premier Soft Core Colored Pencils, 48 Colored Pencils

Thanks for checking out my art and let me know if you have any requests.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Week 10 of 52- Garza Azul

Here is the latest drawing from my One a week Art Project: Week 10 of 52- Garza Azul, which translates to "Blue Heron". Prints are available here.

This is a watercolor drawing on watercolor paper that I have been creating lately. I have been loving the watercolors and I plan on doing a ton more!

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New Sale

I recently just sold a print through my online site click here to read all about it.

The photo I sold was a photo of the Town Docks on Lake Winnipesaukee in Meredith, NH

Thanks for taking a linking in my art!

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