Friday, June 20, 2008


Help me find my way
Help me carve my name
Show me the direction
Strike the match for light
Keep that fire going
Help it shine so bright
It will help me fight the fight


Intense, yet a mess
Wrapped with distress
Should I come?
Should I go?
Who will ever know?
Back where you're from
The original spot
Sometimes we cry

Until that day
When we all grow apart
We'll always be together
Because Blood runs deep
Straight from the heart

Never an end
Just keep continuing on
Where to run?
When there's no light on.
For this we shall never know.
Hopes on our side
With the people we find
Some mean
Others kind
Once in a while 
You'll get in a bind
Do as the dude
And just abide
By all the troubles
That come in do time

Nothing to worry about
Let them subside
Pack up your shit
And go for a ride
Because the end is the end
And someday we die

Keep living that life
With minimal strife
Try not to live it
Eye for eye


Tears for the world
I cry for this girl.
As thoughts about you
Run through my head
Together forever
Always in my heart.
Tears of frustration
Have been there from the start
Never let you down
Do anything I can
Lie awake In bed at night
And I start to feel the fight.
The emotions
The pain
The lords name I take in vain
Are all part of the cycle

Why can't I help? What to do?

I just want to rescue you.
From all the tears,
That have been cried.
From the all the fears, 
You feel inside.
And all that surround you.
For every single tear
Know how I care

There's no other way to show you
How much I know and love you.

My tears for the world 
Fill the air for this girl
Who cries out the fears
That fill the world full of tears


When I wake up from the lightning
I'm going to fall into your head.
Wonder what's around me
I fall asleep instead
Keep on rolling over
I mess up my bed

Never know what to do
And I guess I never will
Want to go for a ride
And I just sit still


You know they say,
The world is round.
You know they say, 
We can't be found.

But some, some they say,
The world is flat.

We can't walk on this earth, 
If it is round like we are fat.
I'm writing this down, 
it's proof, it's a fact.

You know they say, 
There is life after death.
You know they say, 
The whole world, they're on meth.

But some, some they say, 
Where do we go if there is no life after death?

But I can't even think about that, 
I would lose my breath.

You know they say, 
It's all just a myth.
You know they say,
They're full of shit.

But some, some they say,
Believe, it is true, it all exists.

How can we agree, when it feels too amiss?

8.20.04-The Girl I've Never Met Before

The girl I've never met before 
Has been in my dreams ten times or more.

'cause a day is a day, 
And a year is a year.
And I don't know, 
All I fear.

And if I see,
One more tear.
Roll down your face, 
To you I swear.

I'll wipe that tear, 
Off your skin.
If not now,
Maybe when.

I'll come to your door, 
Weak and thin.
And throw all my clothes, 
On your floor.
And hold you tight,
Against my skin.

And if this feels,
Like a sin.
Don't let it out, 
Keep it inside.

The girl I've never met before,
Has been in my dreams ten times or more.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Lost in my mind
Between thoughts and time
I'm just trying to find
What is truly mine.
True to his words,
"The time they are a changing".
The dreamers dream
To get away for a day.
Once they're away they decide to stay.
Why come back to face another day?
To dream is to truly live in a way.


These thoughts just come 
into my head alike so many of my time
When will they stop?
I sit, I cry.
I know the answer.
An unfortunate sigh, 
Of relief or satisfaction?
It is out of my hands
We are who we are
And no one can buy that from us.
Corporations are killing the world. People are killing the world.
Money is the root of all evil.
We (people) are killing off our existence, by destroying the vital and most fragile planet we live on.

A quote I found along my travels

"An open mind is always welcome".

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Mito Action

By now most of you know that my sister has Mitochondrial Disease. This is unfortunate and we (family and friends) are trying to make life easier for her while research is being done to find a cure.
What you don't know is that I started helping out a non-profit organization called Mito Action.
These people are provide a great service for people with Mitochondrial Disease. They help provide support and information to help people cope with the disease while the doctors are trying to cure it.

I decided to offer my services and play a small role in the grand scheme of things. Since 2005 I have created a logo for a tote bag, a 3'x3' Oil painting on Canvas for a fundraiser in 2006 and in 2007 I created some posters and a logo (see above) which has since been changed into the Identity of Mito Action as well as other various marketing media.

If you happen to stumble upon a large roll of green bills and are feeling generous stop by the Mito Action web site and lend a hand.

I thank you for your support as does my entire family and I hope you all enjoy the summer!



Saturday, June 7, 2008

This is something I wrote back in 2006


I've been forever falling to the floor
With February on my mind
Waiting for yesterday to change
With Saturday on my time
Looking for Sunday on your feet
Do you smell that grass? Oh! So sweet
Love in the air, can't even compete

The floor is falling beneath my feet
As the sun drips down, my face, I weep
I have no reason to stay up beat

Tuesday is behind us
And Wednesday's door is up the creak

And I don't know how to get there...

Sunday is the time that you and I both need

What happened to this life?
What happened to this world?
What is the weekend and why can't I find it?
Run away forever, and never wipe your tears.
That's how to avoid all your deepest fears

Tear up this life and throw it away
Abuse the system and watch it decay
Slow at first without delay
Watch it grow and watch it wash away

Why do we get up? When do we fall down?
This life is a joke , the story told by the clown.
Why do we swim on? When the damns have all broken
This life is a joint but nobody's smoking

What's the answer to it all? And why doesn't it make sense?
This life sucks dick. Sorry don't take offense
Why do we abide? The law only fucks us in the end.
This life is a repeat. Let's get it over with; Amen.