Saturday, June 7, 2008

This is something I wrote back in 2006


I've been forever falling to the floor
With February on my mind
Waiting for yesterday to change
With Saturday on my time
Looking for Sunday on your feet
Do you smell that grass? Oh! So sweet
Love in the air, can't even compete

The floor is falling beneath my feet
As the sun drips down, my face, I weep
I have no reason to stay up beat

Tuesday is behind us
And Wednesday's door is up the creak

And I don't know how to get there...

Sunday is the time that you and I both need

What happened to this life?
What happened to this world?
What is the weekend and why can't I find it?
Run away forever, and never wipe your tears.
That's how to avoid all your deepest fears

Tear up this life and throw it away
Abuse the system and watch it decay
Slow at first without delay
Watch it grow and watch it wash away

Why do we get up? When do we fall down?
This life is a joke , the story told by the clown.
Why do we swim on? When the damns have all broken
This life is a joint but nobody's smoking

What's the answer to it all? And why doesn't it make sense?
This life sucks dick. Sorry don't take offense
Why do we abide? The law only fucks us in the end.
This life is a repeat. Let's get it over with; Amen.

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