Friday, June 20, 2008


Intense, yet a mess
Wrapped with distress
Should I come?
Should I go?
Who will ever know?
Back where you're from
The original spot
Sometimes we cry

Until that day
When we all grow apart
We'll always be together
Because Blood runs deep
Straight from the heart

Never an end
Just keep continuing on
Where to run?
When there's no light on.
For this we shall never know.
Hopes on our side
With the people we find
Some mean
Others kind
Once in a while 
You'll get in a bind
Do as the dude
And just abide
By all the troubles
That come in do time

Nothing to worry about
Let them subside
Pack up your shit
And go for a ride
Because the end is the end
And someday we die

Keep living that life
With minimal strife
Try not to live it
Eye for eye

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