Friday, June 20, 2008


Tears for the world
I cry for this girl.
As thoughts about you
Run through my head
Together forever
Always in my heart.
Tears of frustration
Have been there from the start
Never let you down
Do anything I can
Lie awake In bed at night
And I start to feel the fight.
The emotions
The pain
The lords name I take in vain
Are all part of the cycle

Why can't I help? What to do?

I just want to rescue you.
From all the tears,
That have been cried.
From the all the fears, 
You feel inside.
And all that surround you.
For every single tear
Know how I care

There's no other way to show you
How much I know and love you.

My tears for the world 
Fill the air for this girl
Who cries out the fears
That fill the world full of tears

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