Monday, March 9, 2009

2 More Days till Ireland!!!

Yes, you heard right folks, in two days I will be in the air heading to Ireland!!!
Check out the map. This is the ground (in a nutshell) that I will be covering over the week. It's going to be a lot of go, go, go and a lot of sleeping on the bus. Nonetheless, this is sure going to be a trip for the ages. I will try to get on and post along my travels. 

In other news, I am hanging some art (ten pieces) actually the Sunday I come back. I am hanging my art in a restaurant located in Hudson, NH called Dynamite Sushi

Also, I should have mentioned this a few weeks ago, myself and Michael Piper are combining artistic forces to create a super human artist called.... all right enough of that. We created a project called "24 Hour Art Project". The purpose of this project is to raise money for people in need by creating art for 24 HOURS STRAIGHT! 

We are working on setting up our first project for sometime in May. Stay tuned for more information. That said, if you have or know someone that needs a helping hand we would love to help out. 

Check out our blog @ 24 Hour Art Project for more information.

That is it for now. 


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