Tuesday, September 8, 2009


This past weekend Sue O'Connor (my mom/ Photographer) and I were in Keene, NH selling art and having a good time! We had great weather (some of the best all "summer") Sat. and Sunday.

Although we didn't sell a whole lot of art, we in turn learned a lot. Which in my opinion is much more valuable than making a quick buck. We learned that people liked what we were doing and they told us not to give up. Throughout the day I was told several times that it was a "breath of fresh air" to see someone with some original works. I was told my several people to keep pushing my individual drawings, (Ninja Mouse, Clown Town and Invasion series) as much as I could and that someday they would be big.
There was a lot of art down in Keene this weekend and if you were around to witness it consider yourself lucky.

I think my mom and I will be back again next year and better prepared this time around!

I have some photos that I haven't downloaded yet. I will soon!


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