Friday, September 4, 2009

Art In The Park!!! Sat. 9/5-Sun. 9/6 10am -4pm

Okay this will probably be the last post prior to ART IN THE PARK this weekend! I promise. I don't have a cell phone with internet access so I won't be mobile updating. But my mom does so she might. :) Just kidding.
On a serious note, get your butts to Keene and support the arts!!! I will be at tent 32 having a good time, drawing and conversing with all who wonder. Come by, have some snacks and look at a bunch of cool art.
I am adding another piece of art that I hope you will enjoy. This painting is called "The Mountain Life 2"

Alright, I have a bunch more to do before Saturday. Have a good night and a great long weekend everybody.


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