Wednesday, September 30, 2009

October is HERE!

Okay, okay, gather 'round now. I have something to tell you all about. October is a great month! I said it, BAM! It's out there, all of you now know.
I love the Autumn. It's sometimes warm during the day and brisk at night. I love walking around and seeing all the beautiful colors the world has to offer each year! October starts tomorrow and the colors are already brilliant!
My birthday is also this month so my opinion might be slightly slanted. Halloween, who doesn't like to dress up and get a little wacky!? A lot of wacky? Okay freakin' crazy!! :)

What do Bridgewater, MA, Art, ME and October have in common? Psssh, everything! I will have two paintings hanging in a gallery in Bridgewater, MA for the month of October! Still following, keeping up? Should I slow down? Are you still reading?
Go check out the gallery at (232 Broad St. Bridgewater, MA) and let Candace know I sent you!!

The reception will be on Oct. 24th from 6PM-9PM. Be there or be....yaaa whatever, just be there!! There will be food, wine, music from Brian Mooney (yes, he is my brother), good vibes and 9 talented artists!

Should be a great time! Later on Railroad Earth are playing in Boston at the Paradise Rock Club! Go see them they kick ass!

Talk to you soon. Enjoy the art and weather!


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CMZ Art/ Rustic Goth said...

Hope you had a great showing!!