Thursday, July 16, 2009

Got Gas Sensors?

Two weeks ago I was heading down to Keene, NH to drop off my art at the Lotus and Orchid. Along the way my Check Engine light came on and I was little a worried. I kept going and droped my art off. As I was contemplating heading to Boston or not my light went off. Looks like "White Lightning" (my car) wanted to go to Boston as well.

Last night I had to catch up on some much needed laundry. As I was going back to pick up my recently dried clothes, my Check Engine light turned on. Argggh!
I let White Lightning take a break and sleep it off. I wake up this morning and my car still has the check engine light on. I drive it down to Belknap Subaru in Belknap, NH. They give me a call this morning and tell me that the gas sensors are going and are relaying to the computer in the car that I am out of gas or something or other. Anyways, two senors + labor, and an oil change while roatating my tires (which I needed to do) I am going to be out around $400!

Anyone want to buy some prints? :) I could definitely use the extra cash.

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