Thursday, April 25, 2013

Computer Update

A couple of months ago, my computer crashed on me and I couldn't do anything. The only way I have been able post is because I had scanned drawings ahead a time before it died. I've also been able use other computers to upload everything and generate the posts.

When I brought my computer in to get diagnosed, they eventually came to the conclusion that I needed a new hard drive. Finally, the hard drive came in and they installed it. After trying to install the OS, they started to think the hard drive wasn't the issue and they now believe it's the mother board... yay!

I am now at the point where I need to get a new computer because mine is in their words "too old and not worth the money to replace the mother board".... yay!

What computer should I get?
I'm starting to research some computers and weighting the pros & cons of the situation.

Here are a few options I've been looking at:

The mac pro would be ideal... It's a beast and would be great for graphics and video work.  The mini is an option, but low on the list.  However, I am most likely going to go with the Macbook Pro. It's the best of both worlds, as I like the portability of the laptop and this is similar to my old computer.

The other negative from my computer dying, is the cost of buying a new one. Maybe I should start a kick starter ey? Has anyone out there started a kick starter campaign??

How did you campaign go? Was is successful?

What computer do you have?

I'll try to find someone with a scanner to upload more art, sorry for the delay.

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