Monday, March 25, 2013

One A Week Art Project 52 of 52: Bird in a Cage 2

One a week art project 52 of 52: Bird in a Cage 2

YAHOOOOO! I finally made it another year of creating art and I know have 52 fine pieces of USA hand crafted and created art to show for it, which I might add... is available for purchase. *wink

Here is another rendition influenced by the Railroad Earth song “Bird In A House".
If you’re trapped in a cage or house, I reckon it may get lonely. I created this around the holiday of love so my mind was naturally thinking this way.

Prints available here.

Would you like to try watercoloring? Here is some watercolor that's great for starting out:

I also wanted to announce that even though I am busy and life will always be hectic... I am going to stop creating art for the One a Week Art Project. Instead I am going to continue to create art as I have been and post as often as I can.

I have found that the deadline is holding me back because I am saving art for the art project instead of posting them for the world to see. I will still keeping myself to posting a new piece each week. Get ready for some more fantastic art!

Ordering from any time soon? Click on the web banner I have to the right of my blog or on the link.

Amazon will give me a few pennies from every purchase which helps pay for the blog.


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