Sunday, March 3, 2013

One a week art project 49 of 52: Back Rooms of My Mind Door# 15113

Here is the newest drawing Back Rooms of My Mind Door# 15113.
I love creating these drawings because I come up with some many new ideas for other drawings. For instance, I had started drawing this a few weeks back and I drew the pig that you can see in the top left corner. Once I drew that pig, I knew I wanted make that larger and add some color. This drawing is actually my current cover photo on my Facebook page.

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I've been using some new pens lately they are these Pigma Micron Pen Set Assorted 6/Pkg - Black - Scrapbooking (Google Affiliate Ad) and they work great for drawing and then water coloring over them without any bleeding. *Side note: Sharpie works good too but can sometimes spread easier than pen.

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