Sunday, March 10, 2013

One a week art project 50 of 52: Back Rooms of My Mind Door #13113

WOW... here we are at week 50!!! Only 2 more posts left till another year of creating art has come to an end. Some days I feel like taking a break, but I've been creating so much art, I know I have to continue on. This One A Week project has been so much fun and it also forces me to take a break from creating and makes me scan, upload, and write. Most artists just want to create, we really don't want to write about are art because it takes us away from creating!

Truth be told, I am actually enjoy the time away from creating as it allows me to reflect on my work and the time it has taken me to create each piece.
Back Rooms of My Mind Door #13113   -    Prints available here.

I've been using some new pens lately, they are these Pigma Micron Pen Set Assorted 6/Pkg - Black - Scrapbooking (Google Affiliate Ad) and they work great for drawing and then I am able to water coloring over them without any bleeding. *Side note: Sharpie works good too but can sometimes spread easier than pen.

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