Sunday, February 17, 2013

One a week art project 47 of 52: Raining In My Mind

Here is the newest creation for my One A Week Art Project- 47 of 52: Raining In My Mind.

I've been trying some new things lately and a few of my most recent drawings, rain drops seem to be coming to the forefront when creating new art. You first started to see the rain drops appear in the drawing from week 43 "Porky".

This drawing was created on watercolor paper and colored with Watercolor pencils. I then take a paint brush and water. This has been a new medium for me this past year and I have loved working with it. If you are looking to try some watercolor pencils, I would recommend some cheaper watercolor pencils to see how you like it like these:CRAYOLA LLC FORMERLY BINNEY & SMITH BIN4302 WATERCOLOR PENCILS FULL LE (Google Affiliate Ad) before spending a lot of money on a nicer set.

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Unknown said...

It's snowing in my mind!