Tuesday, May 21, 2013

New art: Back Rooms of My Mind Door# 10513

In the middle of working on many projects, it's not always easy to finish when they are all in different stages. I went through a good streak where I was completing a lot of drawings and posting one a week. I have stepped back from cranking out the smaller drawings and have shifted to working on some paintings. 

In between paintings and waiting for the paint to dry, I routinely go back my sketch pad. This is where I  allow my mind to go free and conjure up new ideas for future series.

Here is the newest addition to the Back Rooms of My Mind series- Door# 10513
Prints available here.

I was thinking of water coloring this drawing in as I mainly leave them Black & White. If I do decide to work in some watercolor which I feel would really work well with this series, I will post the changes.

Here are some pens I started using for my ink drawings a while back. They are worth buying as they are waterproof and work great!

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