Thursday, October 11, 2012

What's a Photographic Time Capsule?

A photographic time capsule is a custom photo collage of a bunch of photos that you would like in once place. It's a great way keep memories alive from all of your life moments.

Here is a photo from a collage I recently finished. I blurred the faces to keep my clients anonymous, but if you can manage to look past that, it came out really nice!

This was a given as a wedding gift to the bride and groom and from what I heard, they loved it!

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I love creating and it's a lot of fun creating these custom collages. Here's a link to an older post when I created a custom collage for a woman that wanted to display her photos of hiking trip she took with her friends. It came out great and she loves it!

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If you have a special event(s) with lots of great photos you would like have on display in your home or would like to give as a gift, please email me Mike at

Custom collages are great for Wedding Photos, Engagement Photos,Family Memories, Baby Moments & more. They also make great Anniversary Gifts!

Custom collages for all of life's memories.

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