Sunday, March 25, 2012

Not sure what to do with all your photos? Making a Collage

Are you guilty of taking a lot of photos? Like most people I am sure you said yes. After all the Family gatherings, vacations, parties, trips, and every other event that you would like documented with a photo... they start to pile up.
The question is what do you do with all those photos? Thanks to digital photography, everyone can upload their photos to Flickr, Facebook or any other photo site out there. But what if you would like to see these photos on your wall? Clearly you're not going to print up each photo and and paste them all over the walls or buy frames for each picture, will you? Maybe you do, but for some people that is too overwhelming. Why not make a collage?

I know what you're thinking, a collage? Those things never look good. I agree. I am not a fan of them either, that's why when a friend of mine asked me to make him a collage I begrudgingly said, "yes". Well actually I said, " Are you serious a collage?"

I decided to break all the norms of collage making and I allowed my creativity to kick in to play. If you've seen my art, you know I can be a bit wild. The end result was amazing and my friend loved it! I too was happy with my results (which is displayed) and decided I would offer this as a service.

If anyone would like a collage created to commemorate a loved one, an amazing life accomplishment, family parties, vacations or anything else, feel free to send me an email - -and I would be happy to discuss pricing in more detail.

After creating this I can now say with confidence, "Making a collage can be a great way to utilize your photos from family vacations, trips and all your wild adventures!"

Also, if you are going to order anything from, ..... I am Not saying you have to buy anything from them, I am just saying if you are going to, click on my the search tool to the right, which will bring you to their site. Doing that, will give me a kick back for being directing people to the site. It's a great way to help me pay for the hosting of the my site and it doesn't cost you anything to click on the link.


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