Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Scouting A Shot

My mind is constantly racing and there are times, I lay awake at night just trying to get to sleep. I am always working on my next creation. I have a long list art I need to get started on!!

Lately I've been coming home from work and from my apt. I can see the church that looks magnificent all lit up by the street lights. I've been scouting this shot for a couple of weeks now and this is what I tend to do before shooting. I admire the beauty before capturing it. Last night would have been the perfect chance, tonight it was raining and I didn't want to damage my lens. I am hoping tom. will be the night.

Till tomorrow, I will leave you with a new photo I uploaded for my post this week. This was my 50th creation of of 52 weeks! We have been creating art for 50 weeks - 1 creation a week and it is finally coming up on a full year! YAAA WHOO!

After the TGAP3 project is completed, I am going to continue to create at least, one piece of art a week from here on out. It's a great way to keep going when life gets in the way.


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