Thursday, April 8, 2010


Okay, last night was a long one as I work some more on the commission's I need to complete and ship out at the end of next month.

Spent 2.5 hours straight last night working on part of the first painting. I am using oil paints and if you're not familiar with oil paint, they take FOREVER to dry...which -depending upon who you are- can be a good thing. To me it is a good thing! :)

I was a bit discouraged at first as I just wanted to go in there and finish the painting bada bing, bada boom... I forgot that it takes time to achieve a certain level of expectations and patience is a virtue... especially while working with oil paints.

As last night shows, taking the time and putting in the effort really pays off and I am truly happy with the way things are going.

While I wait for this painting to dry I am working on several other projects and creating more t-shirts!!!

If you need some new threads for the summer check out the shirts on the previous post or you can visit my Facebook page as I haven't uploaded them to the web site yet.

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CMZ Art/ Rustic Goth said...

Good luck with your oil's pretty fun if one has the patience. Especially after working with acrylics for years and years.
I'm working on a commission in oils. Turns out, I've developed an allergy to something in the it will be my last work in oils..and I really should be working on finishing that instead of reading I suppose I'd better get busy:)

I am loving your t-shirts.

Moon Art Design said...

Oh really? That's too bad, I love working in oils. AHH.. I don't know what I would do!.. I suppose I would just draw and adapt to acrylics but still.... Good luck finishing up!! :)
haha get busy!!!

Thanks for the comments, I'm hoping to have some new shirts done by the end of the month... Do you have any big art shows coming up this summer?