Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!

It's that time a year again... the ONE day out of the year when we appreciate the one place in the universe (theoretically speaking) where the chemical balance is just right to sustain life. COME ON... ONE day our of 365???

Not to get preachy on you or anything-but I will if I have to- We should be mindful stewards! We need to be. OUR existence depends on it.

Pick up some trash on the side of the road, reycyle, plant a tree, carpool to work when you can. These simple everyday things can change the world.

I found a cool site you should check out and donate to:

If you need some a gift or new art for the house? How about some ECO ART?? Please click the link ECOART.

$1 will plant a tree! I will donate 1% of the proceeds from ECO art purchased to the American Forests service each year from now on out. I haven't posted this on my website yet but I will be making that change soon!



CMZ Art/ Rustic Goth said...

What a great idea! I too think we should be mindful of our earth more than just one day a year!

Moon Art Design said...

Sounds like we should start something! :)
You can start donating to Plant A Tree like I am. The earth needs all the help it can get!!!