Friday, June 28, 2013

Is Creativity A Gift or A Curse?

It's an honest question and one that typically goes without being asked. Is creativity a gift or a curse?

“ Having once found the intensity of art, nothing else that can happen in life can ever again seem as important as the creative process. ” — F. Scott Fitzgerald

I feel that the general consensus would say, " ...of course it's a gift" and not think twice about it. How can it be mistaken for anything else? While the creative people may take some time to debate this question and discuss the pros and cons, they may end up siding with the general consensus.

It's A Curse!

Don't get met wrong, I do believe creativity is a gift, however, there are times when it can seem like a curse. For me, creativity comes flying at me from every direction, at a million miles an hour- even when I don't want to be creative.

I think creativity might be similar to being a medium that communicates with the deceased. They try to connect with you at odd times and when you least expect it. Especially when you just want to be.

As an artist, my mind is constantly working and creating new ideas for creations and new projects all the time. I am serious too, it's really hard to shut down and turn my mind off. There are very few times when my mind is actually switched off.

It's A Gift!

Being creative is a gift!... Right? What am I contemplating? Of course it is!... Right? In all honesty, I do believe that creativity is a gift. However, I all too often hear people say, "I wish I was creative" and "I'm just not that creative".

If it weren't for the creativity of people thinking outside the box, going where most minds can't or won't go, we would have never evolved nor would we continue to advance in life. For all intents and purposes, we could still be hunter and gatherers living in caves. Clearly creativity has been percolating all along. From hunting with your hands and using sticks and stones.  Gradually, man continued to evolve and created bows and arrows, setting traps and eventually developing guns.

The point is, creativity is vital to our lives and our existence. If we didn't come up with new ways to survive, we would have died. Even to this day, scientists are creating new ways to fight disease and developing new technologies which allow us to live longer.

"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up." -Pablo Picasso 

I feel that everyone has creativity locked up inside them. However, it may take more effort for some to access their hidden creative talents.

"I'm an idealist. I don't know where I'm going, but I'm on my way." -Carl Sandburg

All in all, I am glad I am blessed with this curse... I mean gift!

Well what do you think? Is creativity a gift or Is it a curse? I would love to hear your thoughts.

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