Monday, January 19, 2009


Whelp it's Monday...again. Yay!

It was a cold one again this morning not as cold as the past few days, but cold nonetheless. At least I had a beautiful sunrise to look at this morning.

Sorry no pictures this time around. I was debating whether or not to grab my camera. I am kicking myself now!

I did take a crappy photo on my cell phone. It's really not worth posting.

In other news, I had a long and tiring weekend of watching my little brother (7), and my sister (12). Always a fun time because I get to play the Wii, boardgames and watch cartoons.

Wait...I do that already anyways. ;)

I can't wait to get some art done tonight. I have been working on some new art and I have a lot of ideas kicking around that I can't wait to get on paper.

How was your weekend? Has anyone created any cool art recently? Taking any amazing pictures? Well let me know when you have a chance.


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