Sunday, September 23, 2012

One A Week Art Project 26 of 52- Will work for tears

Here is my one a week art project 26 of 52- Will work for tears.

Boy this project is going by faster than the last. I am glad I decided to stick with after finishing the TwinGeekz art project this past year.

"Watercolor Pencils,w/ Easel Case, Soft Coating, Assorted" (Google Affiliate Ad)

Prints are available here.

Sharpie Permanent Ink Pen - Fine Point Black - Permanent Markers (Google Affiliate Ad)

I hope you have been enjoying my watercolor drawings and my new ghost characters I've been creating which have been a lot of fun to create. I planning on using these little guys in a lot more of my art as I go on.

Enjoy and I will see you next week and don't to add my on Facebook!

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